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More than 20 year of experience endorse our extended career within the sector of modular Architecture. We specialize in design, manufacturing and assemble of industrialized construction solutions, with a particular attention in modular housing and prefabricated houses. We build houses, build up businesses and give architectonic solutions.


ABC Modular Housing

Your prefabricated house in modular steel

In ABC we build your dreamed house with the most advanced technology. Rationality, comfort and environmental commitment are the main characteristics that define prefabricated houses of ABC Modular Architecture.


Non-residential construction

Modular Constructions

Modular solutions for every constructive need. From kindergartens to sports installations, hospital facilities and spare and dining spaces.


Rental and sell of containers

Units, shelters and containers

Ask for a temporary sales office, an emergency station, sports locker rooms or working on site offices for constructions industries of Public Works. ABC will solve all your needs.

abc Housing

Discover the enormous advantages of having a modular home abc and choose your design now

Casa modular

abc Guarantee

Having an ABC HOME is not only getting a prefabricated house with the best qualities, but entering the XXI century with a rational housing adapted to your needs, too.


Prefabricated Houses with the best quality

This is the best and the more modern design, with the best quality-price ratio. Check out all our models of modular housing in steel.


Without surprises

From the beginning, we guarantee a closed budget and deadlines for delivery. Enjoy the tranquility of having an ABC Home forever.


Always with you

We take care of all the necessary studios, advice you and help you in the Administrative Processes. Think only about your house.

Construccion no residencial | proyecto de gaurdería

Non Residential Construction

Using the most modern materials, technologically advanced and installed by professionals, is the solution to the constructive needs of the XXI century.


With innumerable applications

When we walk around cities, we observe increasing examples of the application of modular construction: whether in our favorite burger restaurant or in a store in the nearest industrial area. If we look around us, the most of constructive solutions have little to do with brick using, concrete, mortars or traditional masonry.

Why is it?


Hospitality & Tourism


Sports Centers


Hospitals & Health Care


Schools & Kindergartens


Offices & Administration


Bars & Restaurants

Rental and sell of containers

We dispose of lots of customized designs that are able to adapt to every needs.

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Blog of modular architecture and industrialized construction

In ABC we want people around the world to know about the advantages of Industrialized Architecture and prefabricated houses. We are convinced of modular housing will be the preferred way of construction in the XXI century. Do you want to know why?