Abc modular architecture

is a Company specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of solutions in industrialized construction, with particular emphasis on modular housing

More than 20 years of experience in the modular architecture sector enable us to commit to innovation to grow still further. This is the reason why we invest a great part of our effort in the implementation of the most advanced technology, providing the most innovative and trail-blazer responses for our clients. We develop these solutions in our own factory, where we can serve our customers without any geographical restriction. Moreover, our large multidisciplinary team, composed of 40 high-qualified experts, works every day to reach new global markets and develop fast and versatile applications according to the demands by new modular architecture and our clients’ expectations.

In both cases, our prefabricated houses and construction for other uses, ABC MODULAR SUPPORTS


Safety and Health

Industrialized construction improves considerably work safety and health.


Industrialized construction is much more efficient tan other building traditional methods.


It enables the introduction of the newest materials and the trendiest technology.

Deadlines for Implementation

The process allows reducing to the maximum deadlines for implementation.

Quality Control

Industrialized construction allows optimizing considerably the control of quality

In ABC Modular Architecture we believe in the future and we help to build it, proyect by proyect, respecting the environment, using renewable energy, adjusted materials consume and low generation of waste.

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