If it always was a logical option, today it is even more.


The housing promotion is a business activity that assumes huge economic and market risks. Years ago, developers could risk their resources in housing that was offered to their potential clients, turn-key projects. They could count with their financial resources and financial banking. A developer invested in land, in his urbanization, in housing and in home selling. All this process involved periods of high capital lookout (for about 3 or 4 years) and just in case things were alright.


Search for Efficiency

Nowadays, after a serious housing crisis that is still hitting us, the lack of financial resources and the necessity of reducing work risks make providers think about more efficient ways of land development procedures. ABC Modular Architecture has got the perfect product to offer the emerging housing demand that stars its recovery.


Industrialized construction, modular block houses, eventually ABC HOUSING, offers you a solution for your projects to reach economic and financial viability easily.

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ABC Modular Architecture collaborates with providers, designing and preparing houses according to the product the providers want to offer in their promotion or urbanization area. We design the housing prototypes in size, qualities and prize according to the project


May we work together?

The Provider

The provider has got a housing catalog to offer, so he/she reduces the investment and risk.


The end customer purchases the plot and the house knowing its cost and short delivery time.


Urbanization keeps an aesthetic harmony of buildings and avoid annoying neighbors works in time and noise, their new neighbors.