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ABC Modular Architecture build “steel self-supporting modular blocks structures” that are the nuclear construction element for housing projects or any other uses. We are INDUSTRIALIZED CONSTRUCTIONS professionals.


In terms of performance and technic strength of ABC modules, allow to develop with them the most varied buildings.

  • Semi-detached houses
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restauration
  • Hospitality for events
  • Any idea you could think of

Modular Housing


One of the most important uses in INDUSTRIALIZED CONSTRUCTION for ABC is the manufacturing of MODULAR HOUSING. The history of modular housing starts at the end of the XIX century in The USA and they have achieved great popularity and excellence that allow them to be the alternative to the traditional house building.

Discover the ABC HOMES!

ABC MODULAR HOUSING has aesthetics canons and technical performances, making them very popular in the market for people who look for a modern house, environmental-friendly, with a high performance and with the best value.

ABC MODULAR has got collaborating companies that allow us to offer the clients the complete coverture of their necessities in the process of building or buying a house. If you need an architecture studio, we have got collaborator to manage your house project completely. Don’t worry, professionals are here for you!

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Industrialized Construction

Its history, news, trends in design, technological advances…


Rental and sell services

ABC MODULAR ARCHITECTURE also provide services of rental and sell for temporary buildings with the proper configuration to attend the clients needs. So, we can attend to requests to make a sell office, a sanitary station, or from changing rooms to on-site officess on public works for the Construction Industry.

Renting an ABC module is a quality experience: both in technical features and the best attention received by our commercials. Both in deadlines and making things easy, so we can adapt to your needs.

In many occasions the clients is so satisfied with the rental modular installation that they decide to buy it and convert it in definitive installation.