Factory System

ABC Steel Prefabricated houses make completely possible to rationalize both in industry and the¬ final assembly. That is the reason why all the phases of the fabrication process are highly optimized.

Higher qualification of all our employees

They are professionals with advanced technical capacities, years of experience y experts in their business.

Estructura de acero autoportante

Las Casas prefabricadas de acero garantizan las mejores prestaciones entre las diversas alternativas constructivas estructurales.

Precisión industrial

Nuestros procesos no admiten la más mínima desviación. Fabricamos tu vivienda modular acero con técnicas industriales muy superiores en precisión a las de la construcción tradicional en obra.

Dry construction techniques, Factory construction

We make your house in our installations, protected from climatology, in the most comfortable and safe work conditions to guarantee our final product by a deadline agreed.

Cumplimiento del CTE

Las casas prefabricadas modulares cumplen el Código Técnico de Edificación, que es la norma principal que regula la construcción en España.



Thanks to its nature, ABC prefabricated steel houses guarantee maximum comfort for the properties and families because they have got unique advantages if you compare them with other construction models.

Efficient quality control of finishings and guarantee

We construct your house in an industrial process where all the compulsory controls are permitted to guarantee the quality of your ABC HOME.

Energetic savings and efficiency

The compact design of our houses and the insolation in the exterior walls and roofs reduce and optimize the thermal envelope of the house and the cost of comfortableness both in summer and winter.

If your necessities change, your ABC HOUSE

Your house will be adapted to all the new necessities that you may need. If your family gets bigger, if you need a bigger living room or if you need another bedroom, your ABC HOUSE allows you to get an easy and fast solution to adapt you house

If you change your address, you can take your house with you.

There is the possibility of disassemble your house and assemble it again where your new life takes you. You count with ABC professional help.

Plazo de entrega entre 3 y 6 meses

Según el tamaño de la vivienda modular de acero que diseñes.

Modern and attractive architectonical designs

It will be love at the first sight, you will love it. This is the first condition we put to our design architects. Modern and beautiful houses to impress people.

Saving in installation maintenance

The material used in your house construction does not need any specific type of maintenance.

Financial banking in the same conditions as any other traditional house

You can chose your mortgage in the same conditions as any traditional house.


Commitment to the environment

ABC prefabricated steel houses are designed with a full commitment to environment. In ABC HOUSES we strongly believe that XXI architecture will be sustainable or it won’t be at all.

Construcción en seco con uso racional de agua y energía

Las casas prefabricadas modulares de acero pasan por un proceso industrializado y medido para ganar eficiencia energética.

Less generation of waste

Both in the manufacturing process and in the on-site assembly.

Less impact of the works on the environment

This is possible thanks to the time we spend in the assembly period: only a few days, so the annoying noises, transport and material supplies, traffic and other borthering nuisances are not such a big problem

Thermal and acoustic further isolation

So you will consume less energy to obtain that comfort sensation.

95% recyclability of material

In 100 years’ time, nature will not be polluted if you decide to end your house

Reduction of the number of accidents and work risk

We reduce considerably the number of accidents because we work under roof, safely and comfortably