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If you liked our models but they don’t exactly fit your necessities, you have got the choice of telling us about your project and we will help you to make it true.

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Contact us so we can talk. There is nothing like having clearly defined ideas. We are FACTORY and we like shared challenges.

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Specific study of a house for L’Eliana, obtaining a categorical volume and a great use of the square meters.

Previous determining urban factors: narrow land, possibility of extension and preexistences are some of our starting points of this customized study for L’Eliana (Valencia). The large kitchen/living-room, dining room ratio stresses on the ground floor, taking advantage of the stair location to distribute the rest of the area. We have got a complete bathroom and a bedroom. Finally, we have got 3 more bedrooms and a toilet on the first floor. So we complete with this volume the rest of the land in case we do the enlargement process over the module.



HOUSING 101,20 m2
PORCHES 10,30 m2


HOUSING 113,75 m2
PORCHES 10,47 m2
HOUSING 66,25 m2
PORCHES 10,47 m2
HOUSING 47,50 m2

Ground floor

HOUSING 60,10 m2
Dining Room 32,00 m2
Kitchen 15,00 m2
Bedroom 1 9,00 m2
Bathroom 4,10 m2
PORCHES 10,30 m2
Front Porch 2,70 m2
Kitchen Porch 7,60 m2

First floor

HOUSING 41,10 m2
Distribuidor 5,00 m2
Bathroom 4,10 m2
Bedroom 2 9,50 m2
Bedroom 3 12,00 m2
Bedroom 4 / Study 10,50 m2


If you have got a conventional building housing Project and if you are not very happy with it, bring it to us and our Technical Department will study, without obligations, alternative solutions in Modular House.

You will be amazed about the fact that you can afford a design house, with the most modern materials, in a short period of time and for a lower price you could imagine.

It makes no sense building a XIX house in the XXI century.


ABC MODULAR HOUSE is your best choice

Casa Modular ABC
Hogares ABC - Modelo-VILLAVICIOSA-Planta-Baja
Hogares ABC - Modelo-VILLAVICIOSA-Planta1