What is modular housing that we build in ABC Houses?

Our modular houses are prefabricated houses built in our workshops with tridimensional Steel modules that are equipped depending on the Project and the finish you choose. These houses are assembled in the destiny place forming your ABC Home.

Do prefabricated or modular houses need planning permission?

Modular houses are constructions with the same treatment under urban law that traditional houses. We need to apply for a building permit in urban land; then the system distribution network and plumbing connections are done; finally, we applied for the occupation license at the end of the housing installation.

Your ABC House counts with the notarial certification required and then you are able to gain access to the owner register.


Absolutely! They offer the same guarantees as any other conventional house.

Your ABC modular house is bankable with a mortgage. They usually work with “self-build loan” mortgages, that allow to you pay the loans as your house building advances.

If you prefer, we can handle financing through financial agreements we hold with the main financial institutions in our country.

Why is industrialized construction more environmentally-friendly than the conventional one?

Certainly, one of the huge advantages that ABC HOMES offers is its commitment to the environment and its sustainability.

Not only our constructive system encourages the efficiency and sustainability construction, but ABC HOUSING works with environmentally-friendly material.

Some characteristics are:

  • The manufacturing of your house is made inside the Factory, so that the acoustic and visual pollution is lower than in a traditional house and the power and water consumption is much more efficient.
  • The construction period is much smaller than a traditional house (a 1/3, approximately).
  • The waste generation during the building period is minimum and, of course, it is reused and removed.
  • The materials we work with are 95% recyclable.  After a lot of years of residence your house does not leave any trade on the planet.

Which are the advantages of ABC HOUSING?

Prefabricated or modular houses offer lots of advantages for you.

Some of the advantages are related to the technic characteristics of the ABC HOUSING fabrication system:

  • Higher qualification of our employees.
  • Dry construction, Factory construction.
  • Self-supporting steel structure.
  • Complishment with the Construction Technic Code (CTE)
  • Industrial precision.

Other advantages are related to the enjoyment you will do of your ABC HOME:

  • Delivery time from 3 to 6 months.
  • Finishes and guarantee quality evaluation.
  • Architectonic designs very modern and attractive.
  • Energetic saving and efficiency. Its compact design and its isolation in facades and roofs reduce and optimize the thermal enclosure of the house and the expenses of comfort both in summer and winter.
  • Saving in installation maintenance.
  • If your necessities change, your ABC HOUSE is easily expandable.
  • Bankable in the same financial conditions that any other conventional house.
  • If you have to move, you can take your house with you.

Finally, nature will be grateful with your decision if you choose an ABC HOUSE:

  • Dry construction with a proper water and energy consume.
  • Higher thermal and acoustic isolation.
  • Lower waste production.
  • 95% material recyclable.
  • Less environmental impact during the work period.
  • Reduction of the number of accidents and work risks.

Why ABC industrialized or modular houses are more economic than conventional houses?

ABC HOUSING has got a lot of advantages, for example, the price.

It could seem that the finish price of an ABC modular Housing is similar to a common one but, if we take into account the installations and qualities that ABC HOUSING offer, our houses are much more cheaper.

The quality gained by an ABC HOUSING, thanks to the industrialized manufacturing proceeding is much more higher than a conventional house and they are building with all the facilities included (thermal system, demotic, full equipment in bathrooms and kitchens, wardrobes, remote control shutters, etc.).

What happens with my house if a move to another place? Can I take it with me?

ABC HOUSING can be assembled and disassemble easily. We could assemble your house again in another place but, it does not mean that it is a trivial issue.

ABC prefabricated houses are not like the Three Little Pigs’ ones. They are strong houses with perfect finishing and that is why the assembled or disassembled have to be done by qualified workers who guarantee that the house will be the same, with all the facilities and qualities again.

Do ABC modular housing complies with the legislation related to construction?

ABC modular houses (ABC HOUSING) comply with the Edification Technic Code (CTE), concretely with its specifications about thermal isolation, acoustic, fireproof, etc.

Our houses have got guarantees.

Are ABC prefabricated houses hot or cold?

Isolation is one of the best facilities in ABC HOUSING. We make sure that facades and roof materials windows and conditioner air guarantee the best isolation facilities and energy efficiency. Moreover, an ABC house is much easier to cool and heat than a conventional house.

Are ABC HOUSES costly to maintain?

The maintenance of ABC HOUSING materials is zero. You only have to care about enjoying your ABC Home.

How can I contract and pay an ABC HOUSE?

Once the definitive budget is accepted and we sign the contract, the first payment (30% of the Budget) has to be paid in order to start the construction of the house, from 3 to 6 months; then payments of 50% have to be paid, when the house comes out of the factory 10%, and the rest (10%) when assembled finishes.

If these conditions do not adjust to your needs, we can study another way of personalized payment and help you with the financial banking.

What is the entire process to have an ABC HOUSE?

  • First we agree your necessity, tastes and ideas about what you want.
  • We prepare a starting budget that will include all those works you want from ABC. We and our collaborators will give you orientation in anything you you have to know to have got your ABC HOUSE. Geothermal analysis, parceled topography, foundation, Municipal license, etc. Important tasks we can deal if you want.
  • If you agree the starting budget, we accomplish the final Project with the qualities you choose and an enclosed quotation. You will know from the first time what your house will cost, without surprises enclosed budget as delivery time and cost.
  • We apply for the municipal license and when we get it, we will proceed with the manufactory of your ABC HOME.
  • In a period from 3 to 6 month you will have your house ready for its transport and assemble in land.
  • HANDOVER of the house through the “certificate of end of work” and “bulletins of installation” to proceed with the application of first occupant municipal license.

We have models and offset projects than can help you to choose and reduce timeframe in the procedure of your ABC HOUSE

What advantages has a steel house comparing to a concrete or wood one?

Steel modular housing (ABC HOUSING) does not suffer cracking, as many concrete houses, and they do any need any specific treatments such as inclement weather or plagues that wooden houses can suffer.

Additionally, the aesthetic qualities of the designs made of Steel are much more superior to the ones made of concrete or Wood. Both show constructive structures very heavy (concrete) or with a very light appearance (wood).


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