The foundation is made with a reinforced concrete bed HA-25 of 25 cm/thickness, B 500 T steel-reinforced, according to specifications of the Execution Project. The vertical and the horizontal system is executed through a combination of concrete and steel, in hot rolled Steel S275 from standard laminated IPE and HEB, galvanized sheet metal HT-75 and compressive layer of 55mm of concrete HA-25

Flat roof

Roof with polyurethane thermal insulation 60 mm/thickness of 4 kg/m3, EPDM waterproof layer geo-textile sheet model FEOTESAN NT 12 and plain concrete painted in grey. Galvanized sheet steel e=1, 5 mm as finishing sills.

Building front

Multilayer building front with thermal and noise isolation with rock wool, attending to the Building Technic Code. Outer finish in Steel, industrial wood and natural stone combinations.

Entrance door

Doors: lacquered aluminum entrance door in white or any other color, reinforced with 3-bolt security lock. 3-bolt lock with 8 bolts of 18 mm, 3-bolt lock with big hinged door handles. Windbreak packed in the sheet, anti-card system, security cylinder 10 P with 5 keys and opening delimiter.

External woodwork

External woodwork made of lacquered aluminum in RAL 7011 color, slide thermally broken. Profile types ALUMED R90, according to the accomplishment of CTE DB HS3. Water tightness guaranteed by “Fin-Seal” system. Double glazing with internal dehydrated air chamber, fixed with neutral silicone in the insides and external gum. Exterior-chamber-internal composition: 3+3-8-5mm.

Internal partition

Partition formed by self-supporting Wall reinforcing with galvanized sheet sums of 46 mm, profiles every 600 mm. Laminated plasterboard, normal or waterproof, 15 mm/thickness, noise isolation by wool rock panel, 40mm/thickness, nominal packing density 90kg/m3, and multiple self-supporting partition formed by a profile structure of galvanized steel sheets of 70mm width, based of uprights (vertical elements) separated by 600mm between them and canals (horizontal elements) with bolted laminated gypsum plasterboard normal o waterproof of 15mm/thickness, noise isolation by wool-rock panel 40mm, nominal density of 90kg/m3.


Electric system with mid-degree region’s electrification rate according to the number of power points and power supplies agreed under the low voltage Electro-technic Regulation 2002. Crème or white mechanism, models Simon 75.

Internal doors

Internal doors in block of smooth, slotted or glazed sheet, 72,5 cm/thickness sheets. You can choose them in our modern catalog.

Telecommunication installations

The house will be given the services regulated in the Telecommunication Infrastructures Regulation, with TV outlets in the living room and bedrooms.

Air conditioning installation

Refrigerating and ventilation air conditioning installation by Split or multi-split type inverter, first-rate.

Plumbing and sewer installation

Hot and cold water plumbing installation with cross-linked polyethylene pipe in accordance with the Construction Technic Code DB-HS4. Sewage network with PVC grey pipes, with bounding methods of bounded glue joins. The solar panel absorbs the necessary solar radiation to heat anti-freeze fluid which runs by its tubes with a storage tank of 150 liters, Solberland STB1 150.

Porcelain stoneware flooring

Porcelain stoneware flooring 60×30 colors, with special glue for porcelain stoneware, with skirting.

Sanitary ware

First quality Roca glazed porcelain sanitary ware in white.

  • Toilet bowl model “Meridian Compac” Roca brand.
  • Shower trays 120×70 cm “Italia” model of Roca.
  • Bath 170×70 cm “Vythos” model of Roca.
  • Washbasin “Liberta” of Roca. “Liverta” de “Roca”

Toilet taps

Chromed mixer taps in bathrooms and kitchen Roca “series L-20”.

Kitchen furniture

Kitchen composed by low and high furniture 70 cm high, with aluminum plinth of 17 cm high, plastform worktop depending on the design with handles or fittings stainless steel finish.

Kitchen taps

Chromed mixer taps in the kitchen, Roca “monodin” series.

Household appliances


  • TEKA PREMIUM Stainless steel single sink.
  • BOSCH decorative extractor hood.
  • BOSCH electric stove.
  • BOSCH oven.

Exterior flooring

Non-slip porcelain stoneware flooring 60×30, first brand, with special glue for porcelain stoneware flooring.

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