aplicaciones construccion no residencial

Any constructive necessity or any edification that is needed can be done through INDUSTRIALIZED CONSTRUCTION.

We can observe a growing number of examples of its application when we walk around our cities, visit an industrial area or we go to have a burger in our favorite restaurant. Most of constructive solutions around us are not made of bricks, concrete, mortars and traditional masonry. The using of the most modern materials, technologically advanced and installed by qualified hands are the solution to the constructive necessities in the XXI century.

We started with constructions such as aircraft movement areas and port areas, nature conservation areas and big manufacturing installations from the automotive world; and it is impossible today thinking about education facilities, health facilities or sports facilities without the involvement of INDUSTRILIZE CONSTRUCTION.



The important advantages of industrialized construction are also the application to cover the demanding of companies and public administration. They need fast, high-quality and bigger control of responses, in budgets and deadlines, tan traditional construction offers.



Execution deadlines

The deadlines are half of time than other traditional constructive systems.

Budget accuracy

Before we start the house, we know how it is going to be like, what materials are going to be used and what kind of controls have to be executed.

Exact delivery time

We also know how long it will take us to finish and consequently, we know how much it is going to cost to our customers.


We repeat the same construction as many times as necessary and with complete precision and accuracy.

Environmental friendliness

Not only for the measured use of materials, but for the reduction of acoustic pollution and rubble, and execution deadlines in situ.

Reducing accidents

Collaboration on reducing work risks because we work in the safest conditions, comparing to traditional housing.

We work on your project with industrial accuracy.

We are a factory with industrial work methods that give you all the guarantees of 3 centuries of technical evolution in production History.