¿What are the advantages of Industrialized Construction?

The main ones are:

  • Greater controls over the costs and budgets of the building, because from the firt moment we know how it is going to be made and what materials are going to be needed.
  • Reduction in the building time.
  • Quality and industrialization process control. “Traditional works are measured with spans; industrialized works are measured in millimeters”.
  • Greater control over the finishes.
  • Reduction and improvement in the management of construction waste and recycling of used materials.

I have got a customer that needs to build similar installations in different locations. Can they be industrialized?

Yes, they can. First, defining all the requirements the costumer deem necessary and then, inserting them on a repetitive manner; from the uses, the materials and finishes to the own corporative image. Everything is possible.

What advantages can I obtain with industrialization?

In terms of architecture or engineering, we guarantee that your Project is made with quality standards and they are homogeneous and repetitive, in case we have to install them in different places. You must define the demands or details and your interlocutor will be always the same Company and the same managers, regardless of the place you chose.
Your work will be more efficient and you will be able to keep a constant monitoring of your Project evolution.

Will my projects be mine?

Yes, the will. ABC will help you to develop your project completely, providing solutions and constructive ways that we consider more suitable because of our wide experience in the sector. They will always be monitored by you.
All those aspects you create, innovate or implant will be protected under our confidentiality protocol, you will be involved too.


What are my limitations in industrialization?

There is only one limitation: The transportation of the building or volume. It must be able to be divided in volume units, weight and the proper dimensions for the transportation. The means of transport must be safe, fast and as cheap as possible.
But do not worry because we count on the collaboration of the most famous transport companies and cargo-handling equipment in order to be effective.

What can I industrialize?

Almost any project: from small cold-storage rooms 1m x1m x2m, to facility rooms of more than 40tn, offices buildings or specific facilities.

Which materials can we develop the Project with?

With the ones the project need. No more, nor less. The same as you may do in a traditional Project. What we change, in this case, is not the material or the characteristics, but we change the way of working and the construction details.

Which work would be done in the land and which ones in the factory?

The spirit is to achieve the totality of work can be developed in Factory because of the advantages it has got. We reduce to the minimum those works that present the greatest budget deviation and the biggest failure in execution.
Only the urban installations, distribution networks, facilities and foundations will be done in the land.


What is the process?

You only must have the need: customer order, I+D+I, a first idea, etc. Contact us. We help you with the development of the project and we build it.


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