What are the technic features of ABC Containers for rental?

Some features are:

  • Isolated containers, assembling for both sides and stackable.
  • Self-holding steel structure.
  • Interior clearance of 2,50m.
  • Enclosure in panel of perforated or embossing sheet-metal and polyurethane foam of 40mm thickness, changeable panels in 1m modulations.
  • Acoustic comfort tested.
  • False ceiling with perforated plate trays and finish with the same material in all the perimeter.
  • Gabled roof with 4 internal down-pipes.
  • Container support by hot rolled longitudinally stacked in the same corners.

Can I choose the configurations?

You can choose the configuration you need. Our technical team will do the studio and design you need to give you and assembly the modular configuration you need. We will show you a design, drawing of the mounting and the budget.
Examples of varied configurations for different uses. You can see them in our performed projects
The one you need, from a single day to long-term rental.

Can I rent an ABC Container for a private celebration in my villa??

Absolutely. Our houses are ready for the daily use. When a special even is celebrated (a wedding, a celebration, a reception) we miss any additional installation: restrooms, a kitchen for the catering, a dining room. The solution is taking into account ABC services to cover those basic needs.
Ask us about it and we will help you.

What type of containers have you got for renting?

In ABC we have got a wide range of containers for varies uses. From containers for offices, Health care installations, warehouse uses, guard posts, dining rooms, sell offices, storage containers and all of them in different sizes.
Additionally, we can make the specific configuration you or your Company need.

What are the containers sizes?

You can see the sizes of our containers in the following sketches:  

What are the deadlines of the containers?

Talking about our standard containers, the delivery time is immediate. It only depends on the transport punctuality.

What permits and licenses do I need?

The ones that the town hall dictate, depending on the use you are going to give to the installation and if that use is in a public or private area.

I want to install a container in my agrarian parcel for keeping the material and tools and having a little shelter if I need it. Does ABC sell second hand containers?

ABC also buys part of its used material, if that is what you are looking for. Tell us what you need and we will configure it. If you want to install a container in your agrarian parcel as a shelter, warehouse or as an office, ABC will give you a supply of second hand containers, if you want to. The quality of ABC containers makes possible the test of time. An ABC second hand container can perfectly cover your needs.


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