Rental and sell of containers

In ABC Modular Architecture, we also provide a container rental and sell service with the proper configuration to attend the necessities that our customer suggests.

The technic characteristics of our modules make them comfortable, lasting and versatile, allowing lots of different applications and configurations.

 These are some of the


of ABC Containers

  • Modular

    Free-standing module, both sides assembled and stackable.

  • Steel

    Steel self-holding structures.

  • Height

    Internal free height of 2,50 m.

  • Closings

    Sheet Steel pre-lacquered embossed board and polyurethane foam of 40mm/thickness. The panels are interchangeable in 1m modulation.

  • Acoustic

    Tested acoustic comfort.

  • Roofing

    Suspended ceiling with lacquered steel sheet and finishes with the same material in the entire perimeter.

  • Roof

    Gabled roof with four downpipes.

  • Supports

    Module support through hot-rolled profiles longitudinally positioned on the ends..

We introduce our

standard models

alquiler y venta de módulos
Alquiler de módulos | MSN 19 ASEO 01

Model 5c

Solid volume with lightness in outdoor spaces

Viviendas Modulares España

Model 3c

The simple movement of volumes invites you to enter

Alquiler de módulos ABC | CONSTRUMAT 2007 02


Construmat Alquiler de Módulos

Hogares ABC | Casas Prefabricadas Modernas

Model 6a

Subtle motion of volumes generates attractive areas

Construccion no residencial | proyecto de gaurdería

Proyecto de Guardería en Teia

Proyecto de Guardería

Viviendas Residenciales | ABC Modular

Tavira Luxury Resorts

Viviendas Residenciales