Nowadays, Modular architecture, and industrialized construction in general, are the most rational way of building and preserving our future.

Talking about sustainable architecture, environment efficient systems, environmentally-friendly, means talking about:

  • The rational utilization of raw energy and materials in every moment.
  • Reducing the impact of noise and environmental pollution while building, both in manufacturing period and installation time in situ.
  • Waste management and waste disposal when the house is finished.
  • Recycling program for used material when the consumption ends up.
  • Reducing the negative impact on human with a special system to avoid labor accidents and increasing work safety.

Construction + modular = Sustainable Architecture



  • We care about the design of enclosures. When they are not high quality, we obtain a housing isolation that allows the house to maintain the heat inside during the cool seasons and protecting the building from outside high temperatures, during the summer season.
  • The industrialized construction of ABC HOMES permits the maximum energetic efficiency because we take advantage of the geographical location weather where the future modular house will be set. With our construction system is much easier an effective to draw a design attending the orientation (North, South, East, West) and the nature of the land.
  • Industrialized construction permits a higher control over the building process, so the material we use suffers a minor degradation compared to the traditional material for housing. Modular Houses do not need many invest in maintenance. Moreover, they are portable and reusable