In ABC modular all the work steps are rationalized in order to guarantee everything is perfect, so you will able to enjoy your ABC Home at the agreed time and with all the facilities you need.

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    You come first

    First of all, we share your necessities, tastes and ideas to plan the design and start your ABC house Project.

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    We take care of everything for you

    We start-up a budget that will include all those Jobs you want us to do. Our collaborators and ABC will orientate you about all you need to know to obtain your ABC Home. We can take care of Geotechnical analysis, topography of the land, foundations, Mayor House license, etc. We take care of everything if you want.

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    No surprises

    If you agree with the stat-up Budget, next step is to concretize a definitive Project with the qualities you prefer and a finalized Budget. You will be certain from the beginning what your house will cost. No nasty surprises at all. You will know your closed Budget, the time of delivery and cost.

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    Once we obtain the municipal license, we proceed with the manufacturing of your ABC House.

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    Within a time frame among 3 and 6 months, you will have your ABC Home ready to be transported and assembled in land

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    Handing over

    Handing over with the “final building work certification” and “installation bulletins” to proceed with the request of The First Occupancy License.

Invest in with complete tranquility

In a few months your ABC Home will be ended and ready to live in, without nasty surprises and without inconvenience that could distort your budget and without the usual doubts about the deadline.